Monday, June 6, 2016

Another way to calculate PHP5-FPM max_children

This is a slight update from my previous post, but I stumbled across the following command  / method to help calculate the value of "pm.max_children" for PHP5-FPM.

echo "pm.max_children = $(( $(awk '/MemTotal:/ { printf "%d\n", ($2*0.66) }' /proc/meminfo) / $(ps --no-headers -o "rss,cmd" -C php5-fpm | awk '{ sum+=$1 } END { printf ("%d\n", sum/NR) }') ))"

Now whats interesting is that the suggested value return, is a ridiculously high value, but I think what comes out of this, is that it illustrates how much more RAM you can give  PHP5-FPM.

But (un)fortunately real world exists, and there are other existing services in play (e.g. MySQL could be installed).

So if you use the above command, I highly suggest you adjust the PHP5-FPM value sparingly, and thereafter recheck your Munin / Cacti etc


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