Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Issues importing with myloader on galera cluster.

I had a very interesting situation and problem whereby,  I was loading data into a Galera cluster using `myloader` (

Our 3 node cluster was correctly replicate writes when we insert
rows from the console. When I loaded our SQL dump, the table
definitions (all InnoDB) got created on all the nodes.

However, the rows from the import only showed up on the single node, I was loading onto, and did not make their way to the other nodes.

Whats was interesting, nothing was showing up in the error logs for the other nodes during the import. I even manually inserted a row into one of the new tables after the big import is done and only that single row showed up on the other nodes.

I eventually found the option ' -enable-binlog', via the man page (default is off). This specifically means that events will not be replicated.

Long story short.

On a galera cluster you need to add the option (--enable-binlog)

time myloader --database=$DATABASE --directory=/RESTORE/PATH --queries-per-transaction=50000 --threads=6  --verbose=3 -o --enable-binlog



  1. Thank you! I was going slightly crazy wondering why my data wasn't replicating on my traditional Master/Slave setup.